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Who We Are

The Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program is a provincial program of the Department of Health and Wellness and was established in 1991. It was the 5th province in Canada to offer organized breast screening; today all ten provinces and the Northwest and Yukon Territories have organized breast screening programs and are part of a national body, the Canadian Breast Cancer Screening Initiative (CBCSI). Monitoring and evaluation of organized breast screening programs is essential to ensure women are receiving high quality services that result in the reduction of morbidity and mortality from breast cancer while minimizing the unwanted effects of screening. Its mandate is to:

  • Provide cost effective breast screening for Nova Scotian women aged 50-74 (who numbered approximately 125,000 in 2010).
  • Develop standards, guidelines and policies to support a decentralized model of breast screening at multiple sites throughout Nova Scotia.
  • Monitor and evaluate dissemination, uptake, application and outcome of standards and guidelines. 
  • Review the delivery of certain clinical services.
  • Provide continuing education for professionals and general education to the public.